Bold Ideas.
Big Results.

BRASS can help you unleash the power of bold, creative thinking, where big ideas lead to even bigger results.


Because you are a smart person and smart people make smart decisions. Decisions like hiring experts to save time.

Are you ready to stop stressing about advertising?

Selected Works

Vision For Life. Jeffrey D. Horn, MD
Lane Motor Museum
Cumberland Cooling Inc.
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BRASS Advertising is led by Matt Hudson, a native Nashvillian and professional herder of cats. Matt Hudson has been a marketing consultant for over 17 years and has helped hundreds of clients achieve their marketing goals.

"Marketing is a fun business and nothing is more fun than finding creative solutions and increasing profits for clients. That is why I do what I do. Oh, and to feed my kids who require food to live."

Who is BRASS?

BRASS Advertising is a collaborative. That means the "us" is constantly evolving. We seek out and work with the best creatives in their respective industries.

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"Brass Advertising has been a delight to work with! The experience, knowledge and execution, follow up and follow thru of ad campaigns are textbook professional. The network they have nurtured & fostered over the years clearly benefits the client. If you are looking for a quality advertising firm, look no further than Brass Advertising."

- Rebecca Evans, Lane Motor Museum