Marketing Strategy


“Let’s start at the end, shall we?"

First, we’ll help define the end goal of your marketing efforts. Then, we’ll develop a customized long-term plan that fits within your budget, hits all the important deadlines, and builds a brand image that resonates with customers.

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Video Production

If you don’t want to get buried by your competition, you have to do video marketing. We hate to be so blunt, but it’s true. Have you logged into Facebook lately? Entire news feeds are filled with video. But it’s not enough to just record a video and be done. You have to do it right.

For example, did you know that most Facebook video is watched with no sound? Or that people watch live video 3x longer than recorded content? We can help find the best video strategy for your company and create professional content to drive audience engagement.

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Traditional Media

There’s no denying it—people absorb media differently than they used to. And some people think traditional media is dead. We think those people are (mostly) wrong. Traditional media can have a significant impact on your success—but only if it’s done well.

Brass works with creatives familiar with both new and traditional media, allowing you to take advantage of traditional forms of advertising with a progressive angle.

Mobile Ads Digital Advertising Nashville Targeting

Digital Media

If traditional media is a wide-angle lens, digital media is a microscope. We can track clicks, engagement, conversions, and even target specific types of customers.

What if you could pin-point exactly what’s preventing potential customers from buying, and then fix it? That’s what we can do with your digital media.

Design Rush

Recognized as a top Digital Agency on DesignRush

Social Media Management Facebook Nashville Adveritsing

Social Media

Okay, we’ll admit it.

We love cat videos as much as the next guy, but social media is much more than that.

With the right strategy, you can use it to grow your follower base, create content that engages them, and capitalize on their relationship with your brand.

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Website Design Website Management

Web Consulting

In the world of funnels, email sequences, and product launches, it’s easy to forget about the foundation of your online business—your website!

It’s the front door to your business. Let’s make that door so welcoming that, once people come in, they’ll want to stay for a while.

 “Don’t forget about me!” - Your website, probably
PR Nashville Press Release Journalism Editorial

Public Relations

We live in a digital world. Information is quickly consumed and disposed of.

If you want to avoid being forgotten, you have to do more than produce content. You have to engage!

Through some long-term relationships and cultivation of new ones with industry-specific journalists, we’ll ensure your message gets out to the masses.